Saturday, February 12, 2011


hey there bloggers! I've been MIA like forever. I was soo busy with our SBO financial statement which is not done yet (God help me*), and I was busy hunting for prom gown which is a major failure. I end  up renting a gown which is soo not my type , but you know what? I really don't care it's just one night and the end.

Anyway last saturday I had a photoshoot with my schoolmates and a friend of mine . I named the shoot Fashion Crimes because they had different styles..

of all the shots , these photos are my personal favorite. 
Do I have a shot to be a fashion photographer? LOL i know im just dreaming but who knows one day that dream may come true. :)

After the shot me and my friends went to sm to watch my friends quiz bee. I was lucky because one of my friend bought a car with him and the trip to sm was a breathtaking ride. wahahha

Soo thats it for now bloggers

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