Friday, May 27, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

"Good Girls Rarely Make History"

"The face that launched a thousand ships". Indeed, that saying is fitting to to my post today. Marilyn Monroe, is one of the icons of the 60's. She is indeed the woman who captures everybody's attention with her captivating smile, and alluring eyes. Although her end was tragic, she lived life full of fame and glory. She is always remembered not because of her talent, but because of her image and beauty. She posses the beauty of a goddess and an ordinary woman's heart. 

"I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent"

So I made a polyvore set which I think matches Marilyn Monroe's style.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


H by Henry Holland crop top
13 GBP -

H M short top
15 GBP -

Fringe skirt
$775 -

Chino pants
$76 -

Zara heeled sandal
$100 -

Bijoux Heart butterfly earring
$390 -

Zad coral necklace
$48 -

H M antique ring
3.99 GBP -

Cacharel round sunglass
$525 -

Juicy Couture straw hat
$78 -

Friday, May 20, 2011

Naturally Gifted

T Bags beaded top
$195 -

Tie front top
6 GBP -

A L C skirt
$695 -

Theyskens theory gathered skirt
$345 -

DV by Dolce Vita leather shoes
$60 -

ALDO high heel shoes
$70 -

Dorothy Perkins floral tote bag
12 GBP -

French Connection handbag
65 EUR -

Flower jewelry
6 GBP -

Disney Couture platinum jewelry
22 GBP -

Vintage style jewelry
$395 -

Jane Norman floppy hat
14 GBP -

$45 -

Hi there bloggers:) I am so bored today and I decided to create an outfit set. So that's what I got. I really love nude colors because it is so calm and comfortable to look at. Although there is only one color in the outfit, it's still fashion for me because it is unusual and lovely to look at. I hope I could buy those pieces to create the illusion I have in mind.

So that's it for now bloggers:)


So i've been MIA here again because of college enrollment stuff and different invites. Last May 9, me and my friends celebrated Nicole's birthday . It was actually a belated happy birthday thing, due to the network fiasco, some didn't make it. So here's my photos in my friends birthday, Nicole.
Top Thrifted , Under shirt Mango, Belt Thrifted, Shorts Old Navy , Footwear FitFlop, Purse Coach.

Another event is my guy friend birthday, Cid. His birthday is celebrated in their hometown which is 3hours away from the city. We slept at Duka Bay, a gorgeous resort in their place. 

L-R (Yayee, Dianne, Me, Cid, Tysha, and Cielo)
Glass Boat thingy

Duka Bay

So that's it for now bloggers:)
Im soo happy I'm finally enrolled. Here comes College..

Friday, May 6, 2011


How are your summer vacays so far bloggers? If you are going to ask me, my answer would be fine but kind'a bored now. But last month, I had a beach outing with some of my friends . So Im going to share to you my summer pics at the beach.

Soo green

With my sister


Fat is in

Cheers to all the good foods that hath entered my dominion

I super love my batman paint

So that's what happened during my fun day at the beach. Im so bored right now and I badly want to travel to another country , or even just fly to Manila. FAIRY GODMOTHER , please grant my wish :)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What The Heck Happened

How are yah bloggers? I've been M.I.A here in blogsphere like forever. To cover up the absence, I will post pictures of the important events that happened this past few weeks, err I mean MONTHS.
My Birthday. @ BFB. "dang" they couldn't spell my family name right. its G not Q

3 biggest pizza for 15 people
Mi visitors/friends/schoolmates

After watching I am number four

After my 16+1 birthday is another important milestone in my life. After many exams and writings with boring but worthwhile discussion, I finally graduated with Honors (6th) . I am so blessed because I didn't expect that I would be 6th because I placed second to the last in the 3rd grading period. S
The Fruit Of Hard Labor? hahah

Me and a Friend of Mine


With my sister


With my grandma

Another chapter of my life has been closed and Im now moving on to another level, with wholesome adventure and a lot of life's lessons.

So That's what you miss bloggers