Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Me in an Apricot colored gown

with friends

A Royal Night In Paris

Somewhere in the depths of time, reveals the kings and queens of our time. Called from every land, gathered in one Magical night, making another beautiful moment in history.

  Finding that perfect victorian gown, looking for the glamorous accessories , searching for the perfect sparkly stilettos, and adding the ever shining crown. Those are the preparations I made during my promenade.
  Everything went perfectly magical, everyone looks fabulous and fresh with their gown and carefully sculpted coiffure. The program started a bit late, that’s the tradition “Filipino Time” as they say. When everyone was gathered, it was time for the grand entrance. We were flattered when the masters of ceremony called us Kings and Queens. After the bow, the grand cotillion was started. The cotillion went a bit chaotic because we weren’t that synchronized and because of the space, but nevertheless I enjoyed the dance because of the musics . After the grand cotillion was the dinner time, everyone was excited for their meal . The EdiCure boy’s prepared an intermission number, everyone was amazed  with their groovy , jolly, and fun performance. When the lights were turned off , it was the start of the disco dance. Me and my friends rushed off to the dance floor and had a group dance. Everyone was having the time of their lives, we enjoyed the dance and even cried when me and my batchmates had the last dance together. It was the time of forgiveness, and sobs. Everyone was hugging each other, saying “thank you “ and “sorry” it even reach to the point where we expressed our sincere gratitude and hugged  our prefect of Discipline Mrs. Lucy Bagongon. After the dance was the awarding. King Rocky Deleste and Queen Kelly Remolador was hailed as the Couple of the night, King Bj Raven Pitogo and Queen Vanessa Salcedo was also awarded together with King Ivan Calit and Queen Aidanne Reyes. After the awarding was the speech by Mrs. Bagongon. As a part of the student body organization I was overwhelmed when she congratulated us because of a job well done, she also hailed our batch as the sweetest batch. We were very happy at what she said.

As the saying goes in every start there is always an end. We ended the promenade with pure happiness and good memories, everyone was glad because we made it . Although we know that we only had a few weeks more to go before we leave this institution and head off to another journey where we meet another set of people, we believe that we will always treasure the memories we had especially our last Promenade “A Royal Night in Paris”.

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