Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What The Heck Happened

How are yah bloggers? I've been M.I.A here in blogsphere like forever. To cover up the absence, I will post pictures of the important events that happened this past few weeks, err I mean MONTHS.
My Birthday. @ BFB. "dang" they couldn't spell my family name right. its G not Q

3 biggest pizza for 15 people
Mi visitors/friends/schoolmates

After watching I am number four

After my 16+1 birthday is another important milestone in my life. After many exams and writings with boring but worthwhile discussion, I finally graduated with Honors (6th) . I am so blessed because I didn't expect that I would be 6th because I placed second to the last in the 3rd grading period. S
The Fruit Of Hard Labor? hahah

Me and a Friend of Mine


With my sister


With my grandma

Another chapter of my life has been closed and Im now moving on to another level, with wholesome adventure and a lot of life's lessons.

So That's what you miss bloggers


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