Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Know Why

Hey there bloggers . I'm officially a college student , but because of that I'm ubeer busy. I've got a load of 29 units gaahd. So I decided to post this self timer photo of mine. It was supposedly for a collaboration with Dianne and another bloggers, but when I look at my photo , it is not presentable and not colorful either. So I will just share these photos with you guyz.

Dress: Mags Accessories: Bangkok stuffs Shoes: i forgot(lol)

Sorry for the ugly photos guyz, and the messy room with bags all around. hahah

So that's it for now:)


  1. 29 credits?? wow! good luck on your first semester of college! i like the pattern on your top!

  2. @oomph- 29 units or maybe credits, college thingy. lol. Thank u:)