Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CCP Exhibit "Kulo"

Last monday, our RS (Religious Studies) teacher told us about her frustrations on the art exhibit at CCP. Some of my classmates has no idea and was asking our teacher. I've heard about the news but I haven't watched the images. Because of pure curiosity, I searched it on google and here are some of the images.
P.S I just sized the photos to medium because it's not art at all for me. It's an insult especially for us, Catholics.

KULÔ is a group exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Main Gallery showing until August 21, 2011. It was launched on June 17 on the occasion of CCP’s celebration of Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday. Thisexhibit was proposed to the CCP as the artists’ response to this important celebration, and makes the connection as well to the 400th year of the University of Santo Tomas."

The controversial artwork was created by Medeo Cruzof UST
(taken from a source)

The images above is all searched in google. You can find them on the links presented below.

When I saw these images, I was so disappointed with the artist, the government and the management of CCP. My teacher was really right, the images are pure blasphemy and insult. Although "freedom of expression" should be practiced and respected, we should always think that we have limitations. We should be sensitive to others . As a Catholic, we respect the statues and images of Jesus Christ, it is holy and sacred for us. It is like the image of our father. This eventuality should alarm us all, and we must learn a lesson from this.

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