Sunday, November 14, 2010

The explanation behind the blog name (travelinafashioneuphoria)

Im getting bored , and I can’t find any other site that could sustain my mood. So I came back to I chose my blog name as travelinafashioneuphoria mainly because I want to put up all my likes in the name and the main focus of my blog, that is travel and fashion. Im an avid traveler, I want to travel the whole world one snapshot at a time. I love mix matching different things and I love watching all the new stuffs available on the market, a fashion lover but not so much of a “fashionista”. I included euphoria because of it’s definition (a state of happiness and well-being) , I want my blog readers and myself to be happy.

I want to discuss my main focus on this blog.

Travel- travel because I want to feature my different travels on this blog. I want to share my experiences during the travel and I wanted to recommend places for tourists like me. I traveled to various places , but I wanted to explore more. My future travels would be France, Europe, and Italy (if God permits).
Fashion- I chose fashion because I want to feature several fashion photos on my blog and several fashion trends. I want people to be stuffed with many colorful accessories and fashion pictures. I want to be a fashion photographer someday but as of now, im still a novice in the field of photography.
So thats it for now bloggers,

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