Sunday, November 21, 2010

Relaxed Week

How are yah Bloggers? my week was awesome since we doesn't have class for 3 straight effin days. So I spent the whole little vacation with my friends. November 17 was our monthsary (LOL, FRIENDSHIP monthsary) we call our group CHNDYT it is a combination with the first letter of our first names . We first went to camera house to have a picture taking and it was awesome, I love our pictures and our quirky little smiles was captured.(oO). We then went to mcDo to have a little snack since our tummy is grumbling. After an hour or two in mCdo we went to Marks and Spencer and fed our eyes with their expensive garments and chocolates, I really want to buy an item in M&S but im out of budget this week and my parents are not that supportive with my shopping since they spent a lot in our international tours. After Marks and Spencer , we went to WOF (Worlds Of Fun) and we had a videoke moment but before that videoke moment, we were struggling to pass those scary jejemons who were following us, I was scared because they showed up everywhere we go , one of my friend decided to go to the girls toilet so that those jejemons would be lost, eventually they were gone :)

So that's all for now :)

CHNDYT Picture

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