Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolution

Hey yah bloggers! I know it's kind'a late to post a New Year's resol. but I guess I wanted to post it here so that I can compare it to my 2010 resolution.

So here is my simple New Year's resolution List

1.Save 50 pesos per day

2.Bring Lunch pack in school

3. Jot down important stuffs on planner

4.Maintain Weight

5.FOCUS more

6.Appeal to REASONs rather than EMOTIONS

7.Understand Others

8.Avoid Catfights

9.Arrange my own closet

10.Avoid gossips and unimportant stuffs

11.Try to open up? (hmm thinking)

12.Must learn to trust other people 

13.Ignore rumors which are not true

14.Avoid Drinking Soda's 

15.Learn to cook several meals

16.Drink More H20.

17.Sleep not later than 11pm

18.Wash the dinnertime dishes

19.Avoid coming to school late

20.Give <b>MORE</b>

So that's my new resolution. I hope at the end of the year, I could look back and tell myself "dang it vess, u did it" hahha.


  1. Your goal to maintain weight and to not sleep later then 11pm are goals i am tryint on work on also.

  2. interesting read..following you now. =)

  3. tnx guys:)

    @hawaiian princess- that's one of the hardest goals i guess. Good luck to that.

  4. hey since I really enjoy your blog I tagged you in a award.check it out:

  5. Great resolutions :D
    I love the last two!


  6. thanks chelsea.:)

    thanks sarah:) lol. the 2nd to the last is one of the hardest resol. for me.

  7. great list. #8, #10, & #13 will definitely improve your life! focus on the positive!