Saturday, January 8, 2011

American Escapade

How are yah bloggers? so im posting another travel post. Last Summer me and my grandma went to America. And I did have fun. It was really true that America is the Land of the free. The foods are so great that I ended up adding 13.3 lbs. yah you heard it right. When I went back to the Philippines I was so fat. But thanks to my calorie count diet I loose the excess weight and turn back to normal. yey.
So here are the photos.

Navy Pier

GayLord Hotel at MAryland

Washington DC

Chicago's Bean

The White House 
Abraham Lincoln's Monument House

Top Most View Of Downtown Chicago

Gaylord Hotel Fountain Show

Appetizer's at Rainforest Cafe
Plane Meals

Come Fly United. 


I miss u doggie.