Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unplanned Eat Out

Hello There Bloggers! How are you? my day went well today except for the fact that im having a minor sore throat, runny nose, and slight fever (uh-oh).I <b>BLAME</b> the uncertain weather this past few weeks for making me sick.

When we were having our accounting class, I was thinking about <b> FOODS</b> and I told my friends I wanted to eat at Mama Maria's Pizzeria. They all agreed. We ordered 4 combos. Combos include 1 meatball spaghetti , one 8" pizza with thin crust and one Iced tea.

After eating out I suddenly felt a slight headache then I realized I was having a fever.

So when my sister went home, she bought a new espadrilles . whew. I love espadrilles I now had 3 colorful espadrilles.

That Would be all :)