Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11/01-04/10 Bangkok, Thailand

Last November 1 (all saints day & another special event) me, my grandma and ,my sister went to Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok was like Manila , but the difference is Bangkok has a lot of temples . Our room was in the 27th Floor of Prince Palace Hotel, the hotel was huge and it is connected to Bobae Tower one of the biggest wholesale mall in Bangkok . They sell cheap clothes and accessories .

Tips When Shopping in Bobae Tower

#1.Wear comfortable and Loose clothing since it's kind'a hot inside.
*2.Buy wholesale for it's more cheap
#3.Tour the whole place before you decided on buying something.
#4.Shoes are located on the last floor.
#5.Curtsy to the vendors.(Hold both hands then head bow)

I promise myself that if I have work, I will be back in Bangkok :)

So here's our travel pictures

Me and My grandma

My sister

Things To Do In Bangkok
#1.Ride on their Taxi Boat and Tuk Tuk
#2.SHOP till you drop
#3.Eat on side walks restaurant
#4.Visit Their Temples
#5.Floating Market (we didn't went there)

So That's it for now bloggers.

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