Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello bloggers. I was so busy this past few weeks because of our Glee club concert in SM , video presentation for our Filipino project which I serve as script writer/director/camera man (soo freakin hard), and finding the perfect outfit for our christmas party this friday.

This morning I went to school to shoot for our first scene , It was hard because some of the main characters wasn't there and the video cameras weren't charged. HECK ! I found a stupid yet amazing idea so that our sweats in going to the venue won't be wasted. You know what I did? I recorded the first scene with my laptop (u can laugh now) hahaha. I know it's stupid but it did work. The venue was far and we need to walk to get on top of the mountain and it was freakin hot. After our first scene shooting me and my friend went to Limketkai to eat at mcdo and have a little window shopping . and finally I found a dress that would fit the theme , yeeehey. Although the price is a bit high for me, I grabbed the opportunity to buy it so that I won't have a last minute shopping next week. Im a bit excited now*. After we went to ketkai, me and my friend decided to go to a little market in Cagayan de oro to buy some accessories . My friend was shocked because the items were so cheap compared to online stores and not to mention they look the same. I bought something and everything costs just 250 for me.

So here's the pictures
So thats the 250 accessories 1ring connector , 1 vintage marble ring, 1 cuff, 1 earrings (which I forgot to take picture) and 1 cross blue necklace

My freaky pose

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