Friday, December 3, 2010

Love .Friendship . Betrayal.

How are yah bloggers? my week went hell for now. I have been struggling with these "talking behind your back" problems and worst a friend of mine did it. What could have been more worse than this? .Anyway, I won't talk about this problem here in my blog because it's too personal.

Love Because something happened and I won't talk about it here coz its too personal .

The last part is Betrayal, betrayal because I felt betrayed by my friend. I know this week focuses on friendship and blaah. Im this type of person who doesn't want fights and even if I know im in the right place I wont hell'a defend myself for I know that it would complicate the situation, I was really hurt. But so much for that I realized that I souldn't be bothered by those stuffs and I should forgive that person. :)

So there was this chain messages or more like child abuse campaign. The chain message says that we should change our profile picture to any cartoon character to spread the message "Stop child abuse". I chose "Winnie the Pooh" because he was my favorite cartoon character and I wanted to hug my winnie the pooh stuff toy when I was a kid..